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Artist | Maker Profile : Viktor Popov

Posted on: Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Mountain Behind The River' unique print on handmade paper (2010) | Viktor Popov 

The art of keen observation and our willingness to (silently) witness the slow passage of time seems to forever be slipping away in contemporary life. The architectural patinas and faded textures that we pass by every day often serve as reminders that simply stopping to look and remember might reveal a vitally complex topography laden with ancient solutions.

Artist Viktor Popov (Виктор Попов) wisely understands this richness and the layering of fleeting possibilities. His latest exhibition, My World | Моят свят, currently on view at ART 36 Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria (10 to 23 September) exquisitely preserves his haunting discoveries – documented and translated via the old walls and street surfaces of Beijing, Venice, and Macao.

Popov's alchemical process of developing his photographic prints on traditional Chinese paper (reminiscent of the ritualistic practice of 'stretching silk across ruined walls') allows for ephemeral narratives and fragile moments of a strikingly resilient and global nature. The ancient peelings or figurative forms which emerge, i.e. the 'poetics of myth' serve as a reminder that as borderless beings we might aim to environmentally and mythically extract a new (deeper) sense of connection and continuity in our rapidly changing world.

' A Man Among The Trees' | Viktor Popov 

My World | Моят свят will be the third solo exhibition of this celebrated Bulgarian artist who currently resides in Beijing but travels frequently to immerse himself in these increasingly endangered moments. Updates to the exhibition's event page might be found here.

All images courtesy of Viktor Popov.

NYFW Art Beat | Nick Cave

Posted on: Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Nick Cave, Soundsuit 2014 | courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery

In anticipation of the start of New York Fashion Week and the cool mix of art and fashion events happening in NYC during early September, I will be sharing (p)reviews of exhibitions and showroom visits during the span of fashion week and beyond. You can follow the trail via Lost in Fiber's Instagram account and new Facebook page.

First up will be Nick Cave at Jack Shainman Gallery in Chelsea, opening on 4 September.

Home and Environs

Posted on: Saturday, August 23, 2014

Re-nesting, unraveling, and considering things anew.

See you in early September (from NYC and environs).

Late Summer Originals

Posted on: Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ongoing inspiration from Mr. Larkin in Copenhagen for AW 2014 | photo by Emil Jupin

I have so many friends doing amazing studio projects and events these days, I can barely keep up. Given that I am in the midst of transitioning my family and studio back to NYC for the year, I thought that I would share some inspiring news from several artist and designer friends who are located in both the U.S. and Europe.

Even if you cannot visit these exhibitions or locations in person, I am hoping that you will be energized by just how passionate they all are about their creative materials and methods.

Sasha Duerr's recent Oakland studio interview for In The Make | photos by Klea McKenna

Archive New York's new handwoven home textiles collection created
 in collaboration with the non-profit Maya Traditions in Guatemala

Romanian fashion design label Lana (for Photoliu) ethinic-textile chair recently featured here

Architect and designer Margarita Mileva of M2 Jewelry who will have a solo exhibition 
at SKLADA showroom in Sofia, Bulgaria | opening August 21 thru the 30th

The release of Strange Plants edited by Zio Baritaux with layout by Folch Studio
(images by Stephen Eichhorn via T Magazine)

Mandy Greer's 'The Ecstatic Moment' at the Hudson River Museum
on view through September 14, 2014

Mission Blue and 'The Water Story' at ABC Home in NYC | photo by Leif Huron

More reviews of events and exhibitions are coming in September.

Resurfacing Old Finds

Posted on: Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lost in Fiber work table in Sofia | late July 2014

Part of the beauty of packing one's belongings and slowly transitioning to a new locale are the discoveries that one makes when sorting through collected objects and memories.

I am currently editing the 'best of the best' when it comes to the artifacts, forms, and materials that have been part of the Lost in Fiber process since September 2013. Not everything can travel with me from Sofia to NYC, so I really need to think about what is essential to the current narrative of the project.

So much of what makes sense is context sensitive, but given that this project is also about new material relationships and an effort to make the virtual more tactile, I have matured to the idea that previous definitions of what worked or felt essential needed to adapt or evolve.

A Lost in Fiber bundled module ready for travels  – includes 'scraps'
from Study NY, Cara Marie Piazza, and Doug Johnston's Brooklyn studios

I am really trying to preserve the openness of Lost in Fiber and those striking moments on the worktable when things just sort of click but not necessarily in terms of a resolved or final art form. Rather, the spirit of certain intersections and the resurfacing of old finds is what seems to drift to the top and begs to be remembered or included. This is the sifting that is currently going on, and this is what feels natural in terms of also capturing and sharing the best of a nomadic (studio) existence. 

For some, all of this might seem rather noncommittal or self-involved, but for me, it reflects the creative dialogues that I first observed online between individuals whose work I was drawn to and wished might co-exist in a new way.

The archiving and packing of my own flotsam with a print from slow creations in Sweden

Everything now seems to support everything else. Today's traveling archive has a depth and versatility that also makes the world seem a bit smaller. Social media did not facilitate this cohesiveness, but rather my own day-to-day living with studio remnants or scraps gathered through connections made via social media and community networking. 

Stay tuned for more interviews, event updates, and news regarding the first book in the 'Lost in Fiber' archives series this autumn. See you on new shores soon.

Summer Intersections

Posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nordsee (Germany, 2006) | Josef Hoflehner Photography

Lucy Simpson | 'Materials Led' Textiles | photo via Lucy Simpson

Gamma Folk | 2014 Collection Three | photo courtesy of Gamma Folk

Summer is all about the intersection of good (handmade) things and experiences that go beyond the surface. Please enjoy a selection of a few favorite makers and current projects that are inspiring me during the depths of July.

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